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World of Franyo

The World of Franyo

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ArtProfiler, Nicole Jeffords

Welcome to ArtProfiler, studio of portrait painter Nicole Jeffords, located in Austin, Texas. Nicole is a fine art painter specializing in portraiture. Her work combines elements that are both classical and expressionistic, dwelling on the natural beauty of the face as well as the subject’s raw emotional energy and psychological patterns that come through as the canvas develops. For Nicole, portraiture is a revelatory process. She works almost exclusively from photographs, saying that a live sitter’s energy would be too much.

Nicole is also a writer, whose novel “Hearts of Glass” about four women recovering from alcoholism, was published in 1992. Her stories and poetry have appeared in various quarterlies over the years. To read the fascinating saga of her family’s flight from Hitler Germany and her unusual upbringing as the daughter of emigre art collectors in New York in the 1960s, check out “The World of Franyo” on the “Stories” page. This series, steeped in an atmosphere of wealth, double-dealing and romance, is a spell-binding must-read, with a new segment every week.