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Biggest National Security Threat, Scout’s Honor

From the Editors 12 months ago

Biggest National Security Threat, Scout’s Honor

Donald Trump is our biggest national security threat. Scout’s honor. This is a man who has dodged the drive five times. FIVE. How dare he choose who gets to serve in our military! With his impulsivity, degrading nature, lack of foreign policy education, and bigly ego, he’s the one who will bring us down, not a transgender individual who made the CHOICE to fight for our freedom knowing that he or she may die doing it. Trump is a foul creature. A narcissistic sociopath who is becoming more and more unhinged in a job he can’t do. LORDY, help us all!

This meme is not for sale. We borrowed the cartoon from google images. Sorry, folks. Original portrait (without the wig) by Nicole Jeffords, 2017.

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