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Melania Trump Spotted in EAST Austin!

Randi Turkin November 14, 2017

I had every intention of attending the EAST Austin Studio Tour by myself, but at the last minute, Melania called wanting to join in on the fun. She just wanted a weekend away from DC to slum it on the EAST side and touch base with some artists that she admires.

What the media is reporting – that Melania left her husband’s side in Asia to go to Alaska is simply not true. She was with me slumming it on the EAST side seeing all the great Austin art that she can’t find in New York City. The person with Trump on the first leg of the president’s Asia tour was “Melania,” the real first lady’s body double. Now while I love Melania, I DID try to help her escape moving into the White House after all, coming to an exhibit with her was somewhat of a catastrophe. Even in disguise it is hard for celebrities to not draw attention to themselves. They are used to a certain standard and having things their own way. And her buddy guard, Bud, wasn’t much help in keeping things low key.

It took us nearly two hours to get from our car parked across the street into the first exhibit. The day was sort of a train wreck. Melania tried her very best to be normal, but she is a lonely lady married to an orangutan and one who can’t help but leave her mark everywhere she goes.

The good news is that EAST runs next weekend, too, Nov 18th & 19th, and I have no intention of bringing the first lady or her buddy guard.


For more information about the EAST Austin Studio Tour please go to bigmedium.org and get out there to support your local artists.