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A Secret Grave: Sneak Peeks

A Secret Grave: S2E45-48

Randi Turkin November 28, 2017

Previously in A Secret Grave, Nicole learns that her dublura, Maria Danciu, had an affair with Nicu Causescu, son of the Romanian dictators who were executed by a firing squad in 1989 for crimes against their 23 million citizens. It is rumored that this affair produced a child, Maria’s first born, Sabina. After the overthrow of the Causescu regime, it would have been dangerous for anyone to know the truth about Sabina’s true bloodline which may explain why everyone in Romania reacts so oddly when they see Nicole, who looks exactly like Maria. This week we meet Doina, the maid who worked in Primaverii Palace during the Causescu regime, and we learn that it is the maid who always holds the secrets.