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A Secret Grave: Sneak Peeks

A Secret Grave S2E69-72

Randi Turkin January 9, 2018

Previously in A Secret Grave, Sabina learns about the affair her mother, Maria Danciu, had with Nicu Ceausescu, son of the Romanian dictator. Suddenly all the rumors that Cornel Danciu isn’t her real father begin to make sense. The one person she can talk to about this is her beloved grandfather, Gheorghe, who read to her when she was a child from a big book written in several languages with pictures of body parts and other beings and information about the beneficial properties of plants and herbs. She was sworn to secrecy about the book’s existence and told that it would maybe one day be hers. But Sabina has no clue where the book ended up after Gheorghe’s death. Maybe Nicole can get the information out of Maria during one of their regular Skype sessions.

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