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Melania Trump Just Came out of the Closet on Skype!

Puppet Master – Putin Meme

Fall Guy? – Donny Jr. Meme

Sleeveless – Paul Ryan Meme

I Met Some of Kyle Chapman’s Alt-Knights in Austin, TX

Heavy Lifter – Trump Meme

Let Them Eat Cake – Mitch McConnell Meme

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Creepy Obsession with Ivanka Trump

Who Needs Medicaid Anyway – Trump Meme

I Don’t Recall – Sessions Meme

Melania Trump Attempts Escape to Avoid Moving into White House

Lordy – Comey Meme

We Demand the Truth! Expose the Lies Now.

The Left, The Right & the Awkward Handshakes In Between

Hypocrite – Trump Meme

In Remembrance on Memorial Day

Spicer Fights Back After Trump’s DIS-invitation to Meet the Pope

I Took A Big Boy Trip – Trump Meme

Trump, Kushner Family Poised to Make Millions off Trump Presidency

Happy Mama’s Day from ArtProfiler

The Comey Files According to Truther Kellyanne

Your Turn, Comey – Hillary Meme

Sean Spicer Celebrates Day 100 at Eeyore’s in Austin

Immigrant – Melania Trump Meme

Worse Than Weiner – Bill O’Reilly Meme

My Paintbrushes Are on Fire Because…Republicans

Bill O’Reilly, A Shoo-in Due to Chocolate Cake Allergy

Partners in Crime – Trump/Putin Meme

Sean Spicer Serves DOG CHOW to (White) House Guest

Putin’s Kitty – Trump Meme

The Cold Truth About Snowflakes

A Rabbi, ArtProfiler & a Guy in a Gown Walk into the Capitol

Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus – Trump Meme

White House Yoga Fail

We The People Have No Say

SOAR ~ Perfume by Melania Trump

Trump White House Employs Hunger Games Spying Tactics

Hidden Cameras Placed Throughout White House!

Texas Senator Pornyn Spotted at Post Office!

Executive Order Targeted at Women Forthcoming

AP News Special Report – Jewish Ladies Storm Mar-a-Lago!

AP News Live with Donald Trump

AP News Live with Kellyanne Conway

Betsy Devos – Making America Great Again

The Border Wall – Making America Great Again

Deer in Headlights

A Lie is a Lie is a Lie

Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Politics

An Open Letter to Carl Paladino, Racist and Failed Politician

Where are the Grown-Ups?