A Secret Grave 147: A Cooler Shade of Blue


“So Joe never went to see Victor for his eyes?” Ramona asked.

Lloyd shook his head. “Joe isn’t into that kind of stuff, and even if he had been, Victor didn’t treat diseases like retinitis pigmentosa.”

“So Joe never even met him?” Ramona persisted.

“Never, not even once,” said Lloyd. “Why are you so interested?

“Did his wife Caroline ever go to Victor?”

“Not that I know of.”

“So Victor and Caroline didn’t know each other?”

Lloyd stared at Ramona out of eyes that were suddenly a cooler shade of blue. “Why do you keep asking?”

“I’m just a lady full of questions,” laughed Ramona. They were at Hopdaddy’s Restaurant having burgers on a Saturday night. She tapped Lloyd on the head as she got up to go to the ladies room. “Victor ever fix this?” she joked. She knew not to push Lloyd too far at any one time. With him, it had to be a gentle series of questions asked in an I-don’t-really-give-a-shit manner accompanied with jokes and humor. Otherwise, he’d shut down or grow sullen and angry. Her private assessment of Lloyd was that he’d suffered tremendous trauma in Vietnam – PTSD as they called it for a new generation of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan – and that his disorder had never been properly dealt with, not even by Victor, whom he’d seen off and on for years. She thought about this as she applied her new creamy Chanel lipstick, one of the few luxury items she was willing to spend money on since it didn’t smudge.




Why hadn’t Victor completely cured Lloyd of his wartime craziness? Perhaps Lloyd had been even jumpier and crazier back then. She remembered Lloyd sucking away on his cigarettes in Victor’s parking lot. Then she remembered how when you lay on Victor’s table and he ran those lights over you, it was impossible to stop talking, giving away the deepest darkest secrets about yourself and things you had done that you didn’t want anyone to ever know. Wow, what sort of damaging information had spilled out of Lloyd as he lay on Victor’s table? Had he ever spoken of Caroline, his boss’s beautiful and talented wife, whom Victor, by a huge twist of fate, had met and possibly impregnated at a conference in early 2000? All these questions were swirling around Ramona’s head as she returned to the table. “Ready to go?” asked Lloyd, looking up and smiling. Ramona smiled back, wishing she had Victor’s gift of getting people to talk.




But Ramona was a master of probes and inquiries. When she recounted to me the details of her dinner with Lloyd two days later, all I could think was that the plot thickens.


To be continued…


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