A Secret Grave 171: Do You Believe in Ghosts?


It’s the Fourth of July. Happy holiday to everyone reading this blog. For me this holiday has taken on a new significance given our current government. But now is not the time to air my views. Suffice it to say that everyone gathered around my kitchen table had the same opinion, and that’s what we were discussing. My sister-in-law, Lynn, was there together with her son, Nash (well, actually he was out back in the studio with Mercer). Joe was there. So was Janet who’d come to swim in the pool. And my children, who drifted in and out of the room. I introduced Janet as a new friend, and didn’t mention the fact that she was living in Victor’s house. Or that she was Betsy’s sister. But she let it slip that she was staying in a house that was haunted. Joe was immediately interested. “Really? What does that mean exactly?”

“I can feel other presences.”

“You mean like ghosts?” said Lynn.



Haunted House, harrison.anthony25, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/


“Yeah, kind of.”

“Who lived there before?” asked Joe.

“This doctor who may have died. He disappeared and no one seems to know where he is.”

“That sounds like the doctor Nicole’s writing about,” Lynn said.

Janet realized she might have said too much and fell silent. But Joe cocked his head and looked in her direction. “Maybe not the safest place to live,” he said. With his sunglasses on I couldn’t see his eyes, but I had the feeling from the way his body had stiffened in his chair that he was disturbed by what Janet had said. “Do you believe in ghosts?” Lynn asked him.

Joe turned toward her, a smile flitting over his lips. He hesitated before saying, “That’s a really loaded question. But I’d have to say, yes, I do.”


blind joe



I sensed that what Joe really meant was that Lynn, seated beside him with a face he couldn’t see, but a voice that sounded like his old, dead girlfriend’s, was herself a ghost for him. A little earlier he had run his hands over her face, something he hadn’t done with Janet or me. He just wanted to touch her, wanted those memories of his oldest, truest love to seep through his fingertips. He and Lynn had been in touch (no pun intended) quite regularly over the past few weeks because of their sons, who at the tender age of sixteen had decided to form a company together. The app they had designed – a device that could quantify an animal’s pain for a pet owner – stood to make the two boys a lot of money. We had all joked about it as pie in the sky, but from the meetings they’d had with possible investors, we could see it was very likely going to happen. And where was Mercer’s mom now that he was on the brink of success? Another ghost, I thought, whose presence could be palpably felt at the table.


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To be continued…


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