A Secret Grave 52: Can of Worms


Victor was in such an excitable state that he began to drug himself with herbs from his garden, concocting teas that would either enhance his intelligence or calm him down, and taking pills his Russian friend, Pyotr, gave him that were supposed to imbue the brain with superhuman power. It was his plan to either “think” his way into finding Caroline through excellent detective work, or trick himself into having a psychic vision of her and where she was. “He started driving me crazy, calling me up all the time,” Peter said. “More than Caroline, he wanted his son and he was going to find him.”



Peter, fed up with Victor’s antics


Caroline had told him she was a composer and teacher and so for awhile he haunted the halls of the UT music department, made incessant calls to schools all over Austin with questions about music teachers, frequented the symphony and various music venues, including dive bars around town, and just plain kept his eyes open wherever he went. No luck. Hoping for a glimpse of his son, he hung around elementary schools at the end of the day when parents were picking up their kids, but of course that was hopeless and he ran the risk of looking like a pervert. Peter talked him into hiring a detective, someone who actually did locate several women named Caroline with the looks Victor described and sons the right age, but none were the right woman.



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Finally, in despair, he called a psychic who lived in Michigan, read a lot of people in Austin and had the reputation of being infallible. The psychic told him to leave the whole damn thing alone. “You mean not look for my son?” Victor exclaimed.

“That’s right. Not a single good thing can come of it.”

“So you’re telling me you can see this woman, you can see who she is and that she has a little boy.”

“Oh I can see her all right. Mid-forties, Spanish speaker, plays the cello, married. The son is yours and by the way, I know you’re a healer with the mind power to figure this out on your own. But I advise you not to. It’s a can of worms.”

That’s all she would say. But now Victor knew Caroline was a cellist. And it didn’t take him long to find her.


To be continued…


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