Sneak Peek – Chapters 150-153

Check out what’s coming to you in A Secret Grave! This week someone who appeared to be Sean Spicer showed up at Nicole’s kitchen table. Since so many mysteries are swirling around the existence of Josiah Bennett, who is connected indirectly to the missing Dr. Goodlove, Nicole asks “Sean” if she knows him. The answer she receives only leads to more questions.

A Secret Grave portraits and stories by Nicole Jeffords
Creative direction by Randi Turkin

When artist, Nicole Jeffords, learns that a reputable psychic who often works with the police has had a vision that the remains of a fifty-year-old male may be buried under an artist’s studio in Austin, she becomes convinced that the studio in question is hers. Built ten years earlier, the studio has always felt haunted and the work Nicole has produced there has always seemed more developed than her capabilities. She wonders if Dr. Victor Goodlove, a controversial healer who disappeared around the time the studio was built, may have been murdered and buried there. As she begins to investigate, she learns that a number of Goodlove’s clients and associates would have wished him dead because he had divined their guilty secrets — secrets that put Nicole in danger as she unwittingly uncovers and discloses them on her busy blog, And so begins this illustrated online serial mystery, each episode ending on a cliffhanger as Nicole explores contemporary life among Austin’s creatives in an attempt to get to the bottom of a rumor that has serious consequences.

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