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Melania Trump

Nicole Jeffords
October 2020

It is interesting to me that Melania’s face has changed so drastically from photos taken in her earlier years to now. Faces change with age, yes, but not so dramatically. In her teens and twenties, Melania’s face had a natural beauty and expressiveness that, in my opinion as an artist, it lacks now. Melania’s face, at fifty, looks older than it should because she’s had too much plastic surgery, and now it’s so tight that her eyes are slashes in their sockets and the rest of her face can barely move. Too bad, because she’s a pretty woman. As for her tenure as First Lady — meh. Secret tapes reveal that she didn’t see why she had to fucking decorate the WH for fucking Christmas (the trees she put up were a startling and gloomy dystopian red). I like that she promotes mask-wearing and Covid safety in a way her husband doesn’t, and that she positions herself as a protector of children, though you’d never know it given her husband’s policies at the border. Liked the “I don’t care, do you?” logo on her jacket, but still don’t know what it meant or who the remark was directed to. My impression? This First Lady would far rather sit around reading magazines than exert herself on behalf of the American people. Two thumbs down.