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Kayleigh McEnany

Nicole Jeffords
October 2020

Starting with Sean Spicer, all of Trump’s press secretaries have been outrageous liars, but Kayleigh McEnany has been the worst. The girl is highly educated — Georgetown, Oxford, Harvard Law. One could say she’s too smart to stick up for a creep like Trump, but she’s been in conservative politics since the beginning and somehow those lips of hers can’t stop twisting themselves into blatant lies. It’s worth noting that McEnany was critical of Trump in 2015, but a friend advised her to climb on the band wagon pronto if she wanted to get in on the action, and that’s exactly what she did. So now we watch the daily circus of this flaxen-haired girl flat out lying to the press and to the nation and wonder how she sleeps at night, how a person as cynical as she is can square with herself the untruths she spouts to Americans as the country goes down.