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Kass Krew Kollective with Stormy

Camille J. Wheeler

On July 11, 2020, I first met the women of Kass Krew Kollective: an Austin-based organization that reaches out to underserved populations through activism and community service. Its members — sisters Mimi Ibrahim-Kassiba and Roda Ibrahim and their cousins Stella Kassiba and A.K. Odongi — founded the group to continue the humanitarian work of their late grandparents, Chief Marcello Odio Ibrahim Kassiba and his wife, “Mama” Khadija Ali Mustafa.

On this day beneath Interstate 35 in downtown Austin, the four first cousins formed a protective circle around a woman named Stormy, a member of the homeless community who was pregnant and had arranged for a family to adopt her baby. Stormy broke down crying, overwhelmed by the women’s pledges to help provide prenatal care and to bring her a tent. “They’re just powerful women,” she said of Kass Krew. “They’ve got nothing but love, God’s love. They truly care about people. I can feel their love, the warmth.”