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Advice: Knowles Knows

Agoraphobic Therapist | Knowles Knows, Covid-19 Edition (Episode 7)

CD Knowles May 18, 2020

Agoraphobic therapist? Have you ever heard something so wild?!

We’ve found someone who knows Caitlin Wang (wife of Dr. Li Wang), whom we suspect is our anonymous advice columnist who writes under the pseudonym, C.D. Knowles. Knowles went missing three months ago, along with her virologist husband.

ArtProfiler editors, Randi and Nicole, are back again this week with a major update. They speak with Aralyn Hughes, an Austin creative who has been following the story, who came forward claiming to know Caitlin via her mother, with whom she attended university in Oklahoma many years ago. Through interviewing Aralyn we learn so much about the elusive Caitlin Wang, and we feel much closer to solving the mystery. We just need to figure out where Catilin is. She and her husband disappeared in mid-February, and no one seems to have any idea where they went.

But, really?! An agoraphobic therapist? This whole situation just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

If you have any information about C.D. Knowles, CD Wang, Caitlin Wang or Dr. Li Wang, we’d appreciate it. You can send us tips here.

To start at the beginning of our investigation into the disappearance of our advice columnist, C.D. Knowles, hop over to Episode 1 here.

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