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American Love, a Poem by Joshua Kight (VIDEO)

Randi Turkin April 16, 2019

American Love I

Set me as a seal upon your heart
As a seal upon your arm
For love is as strong as death

from Song of Solomon


When an American loves
Pegasus is put on a stone wall
Where he can fly fueled by gas and sugar
Above mortals
Who love and die
And when they are dry
Buy creams.
There are creams for every part of the body
“Eye cream, you cream
We all cream for neck cream.”
So that wrinkles are softened
By rivers of moisture
And commentary is silenced
During the morning parade
Where there is always
A judge in session.

At Home

Blue jeans unzip
And bras fall to the floor.
We make love
To yakking puppets
On screens that travel on our donated legs
With blush smeared over Jaundice
Cheering us on with their processors
Measuring our progress
As gargoyles perched in our minds.
They know what we want, what we buy
What we try to sigh away in our
Little death.

There is paint under my nails
And skin stretched on frames
My gutters overflow with discounted claims.
I’ve been strutting in top hat and tails
Tap dancing in the rain
Falling off the rails.

If I could just stop the stinging
When my lover leaves singing
Tossing off store bought acrobatics
That leave the covers ringing

And the heart untouched.

Joshua Kight 9/13/18

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