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American Pain II (POEM)

Joshua Kight 2 years ago

American Pain II

American Pain rises from the Atlantic

Like a flounder dragged by its tail

From European waters.

Transmitted not transformed

But Transmuted too on a genetic level.

Elation can be remitted at the nearest station

Of the entertained, staring

At the screen-born narcissus and

His hungers

That are read thousands of miles away

And sent back in electric rivers.


Underground smoke in underground caves

Underground water with underground waves

In America the sweet stuff is subterranean.


Pain spilling over the continental divide

Whose very existence is an affront

To the ‘can do’ slaughterers.

The Purveyors of plague and gold

Are Singing to the skies

Of the blackness that is old

Under a crust of caliche.


You stuffed Rage in pockets

Ripping double-sewn seams

Spilling in to speech

That rips the flesh from dreams

Leaving jagged scars

Revealed by the high beams.


Everyone here wants

The becoming breath followed by the little death,

Instead here comes the agony defying all logic

Speaking out in embarrassing fullness.

You are who and what you say you are

In spite of all evidence to the contrary.


You’ve caught frightening in a bottle!

Putting a heightening waddle in the pills

You swallow.

Take a coffee to make the failures

That are roped off for display

And sent tap dancing away.


The Western extreme of this country

is leather locked

Cracked, Dried, hung to cure

The weary continental plates in the east

Have gone to sleep

But in the west there is scraping and arguing.

Fertilized with Dung that is pure

Over weedless Golf courses.

The threat of separation is always present.


Impaled on a flag that flaps

You’ll need more than maps

To scan your way through this

Land of liquid bliss.


Prospectors dig in springs for love

That they give away in town.

Here is the focused agony

That we don’t get to admit

In a country of actors who ask

The real questions in fake movies

Where sins are skinned

And hogtied to a bed of nails.

No wonder you need a chemical

veil of tears just to meet up

With the other masks that cover

The blazing nerves.


Joshua Kight 6/20/18


Be on the lookout for the video premiere of this poem on ArtProfiler.com on Friday, November 30!

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