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American Pain (POEM)

Joshua Kight 6 years ago

“But where can wisdom be found?

And where is the place of understanding?

Man does not know the way of it,

And it is not found in the land of the living.

The deep says it is not in me.

It cannot be gotten for Gold

And silver cannot be weighed as its price.”

                                                          Job 28:12-15


 American Pain

The Cayuga river caught fire

Heating up brands that tattooed

Our psyche then burned it to ashes.

Monkey monarchs challenged

The existence of red feathered dawn

And left it dead in its bed.


“Where can wisdom be found?”

The deep says it is not in me.”


American pain rises and falls

On interstate arteries

That clog and freeze

And refuse to flow.

Pain spreading like lichen

Handcuffing all attempts

At an anodyne from the pill mills.

Pain running in herds

Pain blooming on lawns

Pain barking loud

Behind chain link.

Pain that makes us fight whatever is in front of us.


“But where is wisdom to be found?”


“It cannot be gotten for Gold.”


We never saw the hand slip

In and pick our pocket

Stealing the last silver bullet

From the gun that gave us the primal wound.

We never heard the demand to unzip the ape suit

And listen to higher yearnings.

Instead we are standing in line

On the One hundred and forty fourth floor

Of the Tower of Babel

Joining raining millionaires

In lemming logic.

Dodged by the reigning billionaires.


“But where is wisdom to be found?”


“Man does not know the way of it.”


Joshua Kight 1/22/18

Be on the lookout for the video premiere of this poem on ArtProfiler.com on Monday, August 13, 2018!

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