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“They’re not people. They’re animals.”

Nicole Jeffords Original Portrait, I Took A Big Boy Trip, Oil on Canvas, 14×11 (2017) – $1,200
Giclee – $250
Meme Poster – $35

During a round-table discussion on Wednesday about California’s sanctuary law, Trump once again conflated immigrants’ violent and criminal natures. When a California sheriff vocalized that her county is unable to notify ICE when an MS-13 gang member is in jail for a minor crime, Trump spouted off about people trying to come to the United States and who are deported, labeling them “not people. They’re animals.”

Of course press secretary Sarah Sanders had to walk that back for him during Thursday’s press conference, stating that he was speaking about MS-13. But the truth is, Trump’s entire political career has been bedraggled by careless and insensitive comments about people who are different than he is.




Nicole Jeffords, I Took a Big Boy Trip, Oil on Canvas, 14×11, 2017, $1,200

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