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An Anonymous Tip | Knowles Knows Covid-19 Edition (Ep 2)

CD Knowles April 16, 2020

An Anonymous Tip | Knowles Knows Covid-19 Edition (Ep 2)

An anonymous tipster appears in our Zoom meeting.

We’re back this week with an update on our search for CD Knowles, our advice columnist who has been missing since mid-February. Last week we appealed to the public to come forward with information. To reiterate, we have never met Knowles. We have always communicated with this person via email, and have always assumed he is male.

Earlier this week an anonymous tipster sent an email via the contact form on our website. The email address they submitted from is total gibberish–random letters and numbers, then @gmail.com. No name. We get a lot of spam via this form, but this one caught Randi‘s eye because it said, “I have information on C.D. Knowles.” That was it. She was going to write it off as junk, but something told her to write back. The person on the other end responded the next day, “All you need to do is look up the virologist from UT who suddenly stopped showing up to work last month.” Wanting to know if this was a legitimate tip, Randi asked this person to meet her and her co-editor, Nicole, in Zoom.

The anonymous tipster showed up in the video app as “Unknown.” And he or she had the camera covered for the short time he/she was logged in. In only seconds, this person basically said, “All you have to do is look up Dr. Wang. I can’t say anything else. Just look up Dr. Li Wang and you’ll find your answers.” Just before logging out of the meeting we caught a glimpse of the person, but he/she was covered with a mask, sunglasses and some sort of hat making it completely impossible to see any facial features.

So we’re looking into this Dr. Wang and will be back soon with an update. Please let us know if you have any information on either CD Knowles or Dr. Li Wang.

Thank you,

Nicole & Randi

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