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Anti-Protesters Join Rally for Life (Austin)

Randi Turkin January 30, 2018

On Saturday I attended the Texas Rally for Life held in downtown Austin. The event was held on the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973, which made abortion legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

The protesters held a Ministry of Life gathering at 17th Street and Congress Avenue which preceded their march to the Capitol. There were several churches and pro-life organizations participating in the day’s events. I noticed a distinct difference between this group and the “rowdy” left – there wasn’t much creativity in what they had to say. The majority of protest signs were pre-printed and handed out to marchers. With no voice of their own, they basically fell into line like cattle.


BUT… they did bring their dogs. And their kids. And that was a common thread, particularly in Austin. The truth is that pro-lifers and pro-choicers probably have more in common than they think. If rational conversation between the two groups could be had, it’d come to light that people don’t actually want abortions. Everybody loves babies – even people who don’t love babies love babies. (What movie is that from?)

I was happy to see that Trump’s militia men, those groups that consider themselves a civilian army, or patriots if you will, were nowhere to be seen. This was, after all, a rally for life, so it would’ve been out of place for them to be toting their guns around.


Just before the march began, priests led a prayer. As everyone began to fold in behind them, the tone was solemn, reminding me of a New Orleans style funeral procession. But by the time the march reached the Capitol, the mood had become vociferous with protestors chanting phrases like “We are pro-life” and anti-protestors responding with “Right to life, your name’s a lie, you don’t care if women die.” The Texas Handmaids, a protest group inspired by the dystopian novel and hit Hulu show, The Handmaid’s Tale, were at the entrance to the Capitol grounds, heads bowed, silently tolerating the pro-lifers’ favorite insult: “Murderer.”  There was a lot of shouting about repenting, but the anti-protesters countered with their own arguments like “No uterus, no opinion,” and referred attendees to websites that fund abortion.


The Handmaid’s Tale Trailer – Hulu