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April Artist – Danny Grant

Randi Turkin 3 years ago

Danny Grant – April Artist

ArtProfiler’s Artist Monthly series highlights one artist per month for exceptional work in his or her chosen medium.

Danny Grant (b. 1979) is an artist, a drawing and painting instructor, and a podcast host from Texas. He is an atelier trained artist who teaches private lessons in classic, representational drawing and painting. Danny is also a faculty member of Atelier Dojo and Art Plus Academy in Austin, TX. He is represented by Quent Cordair Fine Art in Napa, CA, where his paintings can be purchased.

Danny received his BFA in illustration from the Academy of Art University in 2003. At the Academy, he was most influenced by instructors Lee Ballard and Kazuhiko Sano for their superb draftsmanship and fine art approach to illustration. Upon graduating, he relentlessly sought to improve his skills in drawing and painting.

In 2006, Danny moved to New York City to study with Jacob Collins at his Water Street Atelier. In 2008 his studies continued with Mr. Collins at the Grand Central Academy. There, he enjoyed a rigorous curriculum of cast drawing and painting, figure drawing and painting, and still life painting in the tradition of the European ateliers of the mid to late 19th century.

opening day

Danny Grant’s Opening Day


Explicitly, I just want to make beautiful, stylish pictures that interest me. However, I think there is a philosophy that is implicit in every artist’s work. It is evident in their style, subject matter, palette, etc.

I want my paintings to feel real, to give the illusion of space. To attempt that, one has to believe that the world is a knowable place, that our senses are a valid means of perception, and that our brains are competent to analyze those sense perceptions. To seek to recreate the three-dimensional world on canvas begins with an acceptance of objective reality.

But, there is much more to art than faithfully representing reality. It is not only important how we paint, but also, what we paint. I paint the things I love and often make paintings based on an emotional reaction to the way light interacts with the objects I choose.

Through color, composition, and subject matter, I want my paintings to be spiritual nourishment. By making clear, beautiful pictures I am implicitly saying that the world is knowable through reason and logic, and is a benevolent place where beauty exists and happiness is possible.

in the west

Danny Grant’s In the West

Danny Grant teaches painting lessons online and in person (when it is safe to do so). For inquiries about lessons please contact him via phone at (214) 454-2172 or via email at danny@dannygrantfineart.com.

Additionally, he hosts a podcast called The Studio Podcast which can be found on iTunes, Overcast or here.

To connect with Danny on social media please follow him at: @dannygrantfineart and @thestudiopodcast

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