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January Artist – Sander Witlin

From the Editors 1 year ago
sander witlin


I married Sander in 1981, at the time he had recently started a clothing line that specialized in hand painted textiles that were gorgeous, whimsical and very colorful.

sander witlin

Sander Witlin, textiles

After graduating from the High School of Music & Art and the School of Visual Arts, he worked in New York for about twenty years as an artist and illustrator and in the applied arts: textiles and interiors.

sander witlin

Sander Witlin, magazine illustrations

We worked together for over thirty years, designing, producing and selling a vast array of couture clothing. Known for our love of color, pattern, style and glamour, we outfitted an international clientele from our ateliers on East 57th Street and East 61st Street in Manhattan.

sander witlin

Sander & Judith Witlin, couture

In 2005 Sander and Jennifer Welte launched New Arcadia, a company devoted to the artistic design of glassware and tabletop. We moved to Brooklyn in 2009. In the last six years of his life we had a painting studio in Red Hook where Sander created some of the most breathtaking paintings of his fabulous and extraordinary career. It pleases me greatly to be able to present a number of them to you here.

— Judith Witlin

sander witlin

Judith & Sander Witlin


sander witlin

Nicole, Sander Witlin

I met my good friend and fellow artist, Sander Witlin, on the Lexington Avenue IRT on my 20th birthday. I couldn’t help but notice he was reading As I Lay Dying, a book I’d recently read that had blown me away. So I sat down next to him, leaned in close and said, “Did you get to the part where…?” He blew me off, but I kept pestering him and we ended up exiting at the same station, Union Square. Once we were up on the street, we couldn’t stop talking. He had paintings to complete and I was an undergraduate at Barnard College with a term paper to write. So we went to his nearby studio and spent the afternoon laughing our heads off and discussing work. It was the beginning of a friendship that was to span the rest of our lives, Sander and I both big readers and painters whose idea of a good time was to spend hours at the Metropolitan Museum, and then, in those early days, go out and get drunk in fancy bars or at wild parties. Through the years he was like an uncle to my kids and no one could help me through a family crisis like Sander, who always saw the bigger picture and had the sense of humor to laugh at it. He was a fun, wild, incredibly talented and irreverent painter. He was also a great critic. If he praised one of my paintings, I could be confident I was on the right track.

— Nicole Jeffords

sander witlin

Sander & Nicole, ArtProfiler’s Founder

sander witlin

Rest in peace, dear friend and fellow creative.


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