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At the End of My Wits

CD Knowles 7 months ago

Dear Knowles,

I’m a conservative and don’t know what to do about the craziness of my wife who hates Trump. We have a good marriage, and although we don’t agree on politics, we’ve never had this problem before. I like what Trump is doing with the economy and that he’s a strongman when it comes to foreign policy. We need that. I also think we need to be tough on immigration, though Trump, who definitely has his failings, might be a little too ruthless in that department. My wife has gotten to the point where she can’t stand hearing the president’s voice or seeing his face on TV. She fears the Russians are taking over and we will never have a democracy again. If I try talk reason to her, she’ll storm out of the room yelling that I’m a stupid Trump supporter who can’t see what’s really going on. What shall I do? I love my wife and don’t want the marriage to end.


At the End of My Wits

At the End

Dear At the End,

This is a problem occurring in many marriages across the nation. The best advice is to agree to disagree, which means DO NOT TALK POLITICS. Discussion will lead nowhere, so leave it alone. However, if you cannot help yourselves I suggest you both make a point of reading the following news sources every day for at least two weeks: The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal. Listen to NPR and the BBC. Avoid Fox and propaganda outlets at all costs. The papers listed above will talk about the same situations though they may interpret them differently. There will be no made up facts. After two weeks, start talking. You may be surprised to see that you agree on more things than you know.

I wish you the best of luck,

CD Knowles



pet owners

Dear Worried,

Bummer! I hope you catch the guy and sue him for everything he’s worth. If he has plants in his backyard, maybe you should kill them just to teach the bastard a lesson, not necessarily the best idea, but you know what I mean. Sincerely,

Gary G., Montgomery, AL


Dear Worried,

In my opinion, you should consider moving away. Who wants to live in constant fear like that? Dealing with a bad neighbor is hell and I wouldn’t want to put my dogs in jeopardy. I hope you figure it out soon. Best,

Cynthia S., Lockhart, TX


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