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August Artist – Flip Solomon

Randi Turkin August 1, 2019

August Artist – Flip Solomon

Flip Solomon is our selected artist for August! ArtProfiler’s Artist Monthly highlights one artist per month for exceptional work in his or her chosen medium.

Flip Solomon was born and raised in southern Connecticut. Her mom was a textile artist and repaired oriental rugs for a living, so Flip grew up in a house filled with textiles from around the world. Her mom was also a painter and one of the founders of the fine arts council in her hometown so there was always a plethora of artists and art supplies in the house. Both parents were art appreciators and world travelers, and Flip was lucky to grow up traveling and being immersed in the art world. During high school, she attended Paier College of Art where she was classically trained in graphite. She went on to attend The Hartford Art School and MassArt, ultimately leaving art school to finish with an academic major at the University of Texas. Her focus was in Cultural Anthropology and Archaeology and she attended field school in Belize. Almost twenty years after finishing university, she went back to her art, jumping into large-scale pen & inks. Challenged with Narcolepsy, she chose to start working large-scale for wakefulness and was excited by the dramatic effects and challenges of working in pen & ink. Flip lives in Austin, TX with her daughter Wolfie and works out of the Canopy Arts Complex.

flip solomon

Flip working on The New Mythology


I create large-scale pen & ink works tempered by my dreams. Having Narcolepsy means I’m afflicted with frequent and incessant REM cycles both while asleep and awake. Taking messages from this 2nd life in dreams, I put pen to paper to create high frequency depictions, compounding the subconscious symbols from my dreams with inspiration from the natural world and urban landscapes. I’m also inspired by my travels as a child, ancient civilizations and traditions & textiles from around the world. My drawings are detailed and complex and take me an average of six weeks to six months to complete. I also have a clothing and bedding line that incorporates my artwork and allows people an intimate experience with my art.


Flip’s flare dress of Kali’s Tiger

You can see Flip’s work year round at Austin Art Garage and on her website. She participates in the Blue Genie Art Bazaar, the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, East Austin Studio Tour, West Austin Studio Tour and you can visit her studio during the bi-monthly Open Canopy (studio 201). Her next event is The Oddities and Curiosities Expo on August 17th at the Palmer Events Center.


Flip Solomon, Lakshmi’s Owl

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