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I’m going to list my credentials right here so you know who you’re dealing with. First off, I write anonymously as most of us in the advice business do. Doesn’t matter if I’m male or female, especially these days when gender is so fluid. You can picture me as you wish, with or without a penis or vagina or anything in between. I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1966, received a BA from Harvard College in philology, went on to study journalism and psychology at the University of Texas, Austin. I’ve written ten novels, all under pseudonyms, the most well-known, "Betty’s Journal," reviewed in the New York Times in June, 1997. The work I’ve been most proud of, however, has been my lonely hearts column, published in the now defunct private newsletter, Heartthrob. Some of you may be too highbrow for that sort of thing, but let me tell you its effect was better than say Celexa, Prozac or any other good antidepressant. For years it brought happiness to dozens of miserable people. Alright, that’s enough. All you really need to know about me is: 1) I SAY IT LIKE IT IS and 2) I DON’T SUFFER FOOLS LIGHTLY. If you want to be stroked or have your hand held through difficult times, go to Ask Amy at the Chicago Tribune, Dear Prudence at Slate, or Carolyn Hax at the Washington Post. In some ways I’m your worst nightmare. But I’m honest.