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Randi Turkin

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About Randi

Randi is the creative director and senior editor of ArtProfiler.com. She manages all aspects of the ArtProfiler website and spearheads all marketing campaigns, designs 90% of the store merchandise, manages the publication calendar and serves as the artist/ author liaison -- she basically runs the whole show from the creative to the financial to the communications and the daily oversight. Randi works closely with ArtProfiler founder, Nicole Jeffords, to choose which content is most vital for publication, which projects and partnerships the company should pursue, and which contributors are a good fit with ArtProfiler. She is also a contributing author of both fiction and nonfiction stories and is the lead video engineer, directing all stages of video production from concept to final product which includes all the company's promotional material, political satire shorts and the Artist Monthly series. Since she is a former choreographer and dancer, Randi puts her choreographic skills to use in her video work -- composing the score, timing the imagery with the music, dreaming up the material. These are all the tedious things a choreographer revels in! Randi is also the mastermind and designer behind the political memes, which have gone viral on social media under her direction.