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Randi Turkin

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About Randi

Randi is the owner of I Need a Clone! Concierge, a small business that provides assistance in business & personal management, creative services and event planning. She opened Clone in February 2012, and with a stroke of luck, or perhaps destiny, she met Nicole shortly thereafter. Randi manages the ArtProfiler website, marketing, and business administration, and works closely with Nicole to choose which exhibits, galleries and contests are a good fit with her work as well as what contributors are a good fit with ArtProfiler. She is ArtProfiler's senior editor and the mastermind behind the memes and political and promotional videos. Randi has been dancing since she was two years old - it is her primary passion - so, in her free time she performs with and choreographs for various Austin dance companies. But since free time is rare as a single mother, Randi puts her choreographic skills to use in her video work for ArtProfiler. Composing the score, timing the imagery with the music, dreaming up the material - these are all the tedious things a choreographer revels in! ArtProfiler is one of her best creative outlets and her favorite way to RESIST the Trump administration.