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Biden Hid the Nuclear Codes!

From the Editors 1 year ago

Biden is back!

Imagine for one moment… the Obama administration KNEW that Trump was a national security threat. What if they hid the real nuclear football & replaced it with a fake one?! It’s not completely out of the question.

The former president and his VP were both loved for their senses of humor and their lighter, relatable personalities. Next to them, Trump is a grouch.¬†Biden’s presidential run is already proving to agitate Trump (have you seen his Twitter feed?) — it’s also likely going to revive the hilarious Obama/ Biden memes. (YAY!)

So, to get you all caught up and ready for the hilarity that’s about to ensue, have a look at The 50 Best Joe Biden Memes according to Inverse.


Original portrait by Nicole Jeffords, meme design by Randi Turkin

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