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Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place

CD Knowles 8 months ago

Dear Knowles,

I’m caught in a very difficult and unhappy situation. My husband and I are both religious Christians, conservative in our outlook and frequent church goers. We have five children ranging in age from six to seventeen. We know that our eldest, the seventeen-year-old, has gay tendencies and my husband is insistent on hiring a spiritual counselor from the church to work with him so that he’ll learn how not to be attracted to other boys. I’ve done a little research on these “reparative” or “conversion” therapies and don’t believe they work. In fact, I think it’s quite the opposite: Young people being given drugs that make them nauseous while they look at homoerotic photos sounds like cruel treatment that leads to confusion and self esteem problems, perhaps even to suicide. I may be religious, but I love my son and want him to be happy no matter whether gay or straight. What shall I do? I also love my husband very much and don’t like going against his decisions.

I hope you can help,

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place


Dear Caught,

My advice to you? Not all preachers are backwards. I suggest you find one who will tell your husband just how cruel and abusive conversion therapy is. While you’re at it, you might want to point out to your husband that god made all creatures, including your son, who is a perfect creation in god’s eyes. I don’t believe god is narrow-minded, but hardcore Christians, such as you and your husband, certainly are. Why on earth would you want to change someone because of their sexual orientation? Interesting to view this through the same lens as the Christian right coming down so hard against transgender people who wish to transition… hmmm: they want to force some folks to change, while forcing others to remain the same. I wonder also about how your husband regards you, his wife. Are you expected to treat him with utter devotion and do exactly as he says? Is he the lord and master or do you have some autonomy? My advice to you is to wake up and take control of your life (which means helping your children) before it’s too late. Otherwise, you may find that your son develops some sort of addiction and then you will need The Recovery Village


CD Knowles


trump supporter


Not for 10 minutes. Trump is pure evil and anyone who would support him would be against everything I stand for and everyone I love. The integrity of our beautiful country is being devastated and destroyed by Trumps incompetents.
– Nancy W.
– Helen M.


No way in hell!
– Joy W. 
I’d find out why he supports. Read Brene Brown’s new book
– Nancy G.
Hell no!
– Chela L.
No . Anyone who supports a traitorous pig like trump would be kicked to the curb.
– Cheryl T.
Sorry, that would be a deal breaker
– Dee H. 
I would NOT be in a relationship with ANYONE who supports ANYONE like trump. Period.
– Ricker S.
I wouldn’t let it get in between my me and my marriage.
– Sheila M.
The article shows the extreme unthinking hatred of some. They would actually destroy their relationships with other people, even their spouse, just so they can stew in their hatred. People do know whoever the President is temporary don’t they? After all, Trump will only be the President another six and a half years.
– Joe C.
Just agree that you disagree, each of you is entitled to an opinion.
– Kay C.
Had a date with a female therapist, had a trump bumper sticker on her car, never went back.
– Kenneth M.
Lovers but not friends. As long as we didn’t talk much, maybe.
– Arjuna R.
Was married for 26 years into she died in 2008 . she never talked about politics honestly never know who she voted for President she wouldn’t talk about it or tell me. maybe that’s the best way by the way i didn’t vote for Trump.
– James M.
My husband did vote for Trump, and so did I. Of my own free will, no less.
– Linda J. 
I left my husband after the 2016 election. I couldn’t stay with someone who’d voted for that fool. I suggest you do the same.
– Patricia H.
If your marriage is in danger of being ruined because of politics, it can’t be very strong. Who cares who’s in office when it comes to the seriousness of marriage vows and a good solid relationship? If I were you, I’d do some good hard thinking. All the best,
– Jeff L.

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