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Concerned Citizen

CD Knowles 7 months ago

Dear Knowles,

I have deep concerns about a friend who has repeatedly bragged about her ability to set curses on people. The first time I heard about this I blew it off as total nonsense. The friend, a woman I’ll call Sally, used to teach math at a local high school. She became infuriated with a fellow teacher over a perceived slight and announced that she was going to set a curse on the woman. We all thought this was a ridiculous joke. But then, a week after Sally set the curse, the woman’s husband dropped dead of a heart attack. Coincidence? Probably. Or so I thought until Sally announced she was going to set a curse on a man who had stood in the way of her husband being promoted at work. Well, guess what? She set the curse and a few weeks later the man was diagnosed with lymphoma. And then, recently, it happened a third time. Sally, who had decided to run for city council, set a curse on her opponent, a woman more likely to win the race, and that woman developed severe kidney problems and had to drop out. Now we have the curse-setter, Sally, in an influential position in local government and I’m concerned. It seems crazy that someone should be able to jinx someone else and I’d like your thoughts on this. Is Sally a danger to our community?

Thanks in advance,

Concerned Citizen

concerned citizen

Dear Concerned,

I usually don’t deal with questions regarding the occult, but I decided to go ahead and try and answer this one. In certain cultures, people do practice setting curses and black magic. Your friend Sally may have tapped into that. She may have focused her mind, visualized the person she wanted to set the curse on, and sent bad vibes their way to do them harm. Perhaps she has the strength of mind to do that — or thinks she does — but I’m not buying it. An archer may hit bull’s eye three times in a row, but then the arrows begin veering to the side. In other words, Sally had coincidental success a few times, but that’s all it was — coincidence. All the same, I’d stay on her good side if I were you. People who carry a dark energy or hang onto resentments can spread bad juju wherever they go.

All the best,

CD Knowles



sexy wife

Dear Sexy,

You go girl! I don’t think you’re doing a single thing wrong. You need some extra, the internet is the place to find it, and if you’re careful no one (meaning your husband) will ever know the difference. It’s your business what you do and no one else’s, as long as no one gets hurt.

Carol B., Charlotte, SC


Dear Sexy,

I don’t care whether it’s actual or virtual, carrying on with another person outside the marriage is adulterous and sinful. Of course you feel guilty and you should! Extra curricular sex games are just wrong and immoral. Best to change your ways.

William C., Nashville, TN


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