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Daddy Broke My Brand

From the Editors 5 months ago

Daddy – People don’t like my clothes.


Nicole Jeffords Original Portrait, Daddy’s Favorite, Oil on Canvas, 11×14 (2017) – $1200
Giclee – $250
Meme Poster – $35

Ivanka is closing shop on her fashion line. It’s another in a long line of Trump products (think steaks, wine, casinos, even a fake university) that have failed bigly.

The first daughter employed Chinese workers to make her clothes. Newsweek obtained evidence that these employees were abused and working overtime for as little as $1 per hour. So much for the idea that women are important and deserve fair wages in the workplace, Ivanka. And oh yeah… don’t you and Daddy tout that whole “Buy American” philosophy? Why are your clothes being made in China? I wonder if Daddy’s tit for tat trade wars might have caused more problems for you.

Even with these low wage earners, Ivanka’s company still failed. Kellyanne Conway’s free advertisement for the fashion line failed. The company’s attempt to get journalists to boast about the $10,000 Ivanka bracelet she wore on 60 Minutes with Daddy failed. Fail fail fail!

So, that’s one less Trump making money off of public service – one down, a few to go. Keep boycotting. It’s working.


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