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Deer in Headlights

Nicole Jeffords 2 years ago

Well, here we are. The question is how did we get here? It’s so clearly not a good place to be.


A storm is brewing.

First Round: Those Crazy Primaries

I watched both the Democratic and Republican primaries. The Republicans were much more entertaining with the name-calling bully at the center of the stage, but jeez, how’d he manage to get rid of his opponents, and so fast? Even the brilliant and cocky debater, Marco Rubio, was emulsified by two words: “Little Marco.” The Democrats, on the other hand, Bernie and Hillary, were civilized and intelligent, genuinely thoughtful of one another, more like two people having a friendly discussion than competing in what was supposed to be a cutthroat debate. They talked about issues rather than looks or the size of body parts. Bernie brushed off the issue of Hillary’s emails. Yes, as it turned out her campaign played dirty, but that’s the sort of shit that happens and we’re all naïve if we think any of the candidates were lily white in the tactics they used. All this is already old news.


Hillary, Oil on Canvas, 2016 by Nicole Jeffords

Second Round: The Nominees

Somehow Twitler, with his orange face and weird hair was nominated. Hillary, one of the greatest policy wonks ever, was nominated as well, and that was the first hole in the Democrats’ line of defense. Bernie had captured the public’s heart and imagination. The youth clamored for him as they never did for Hillary. But we all assumed Hillary would win the election, especially after all the name-calling and pussy-grabbing talk, but, shock of shocks, while she won the popular vote, she didn’t get the 270 votes she needed to win the electoral college. She was certainly the wiser, more experienced candidate, so what happened? She wasn’t as likable? Were her scandals worse than Donald’s? The Russians undermined the election? Mr. Comey put his big fat thumb on the scale right at the last-minute? Hmmm… we have yet to get to the bottom of this, but right now it sure has that bad Watergate smell, a smell that emanates from team Trump, and we’re still going to inaugurate the guy?

Adios Mofo!

Adios Mofo!

Our Current Situation

Okay, so here we are now with a lowlife president-elect who lies as easily as he swallows his saliva. We all know that just as we know certain other facts about him that I will list:

  • He will not properly divest himself of his enormous, sticky spider web of businesses, which means too many conflicts of interest. Oh right, his two boys might take over – big solution unless Trump has zero contact with them for the next four years, which is unlikely.
  • He has refused to show his tax returns.
  • He has no working knowledge of how our government is run and refuses to have briefings.
  • He has the wrong temperament for the job: too thin-skinned, poor attention span, narcissistic, vengeful, sore loser, lack of empathy, the constant need for attention and praise.
  • Has already shown that he favors a diminished, censored press and… well hell, lots of fake news to smear enemies and cover-up true stories.
  • A questionable and possibly treasonous relationship with his thuggy Kremlin friend Putin
  • Misogynistic, racist, xenophobic attitudes
  • Acts more like a little king ruling from his tower with its gilded walls and toilets than an egalitarian president using the democratic processes we cherish
  • Who’s paying for the damn wall and what good it is anyway since it’s – oh snap! – so easy to dig tunnels?

The list goes on and on. We’ve all heard it before. My question is since we know how demonstrably bad things are and that this country with this particular leader is likely to go through difficult times, why can’t we find a way to get rid of him before it’s too late? Let me be clear: this is not an issue of red or blue, Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal. It’s an issue of having a crackpot in office who has no feeling for the people he governs. He’s going to take us all down, and here we are, like deer in headlights, not doing a goddamn thing about it. We can march and write articles, voice our concerns, say nasty things on the internet, and worse. But still, in less than a week from now, that charlatan will become our 45th president, and not one person in our government has come forward to put a stop to it.

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