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Deicide (Poetry)

Joshua Kight 4 years ago


After seeing the young hungry deicide
Held in jails
By dark minds self blinded
At a dinner table
Where the rest of us are on the menu
I can now see the rails being greased
For the wheels suffering.

There is a disaster of the heart
Spreading its fingers to release
Lies poisoning the wells of reason.
There is a woman playing a violin
In a courtyard of a thousand sighing windows
Being stared at through shame-glass.
The claim that maims us
Is that God wants this. deicide

When do you kill a God?
When does a storm of stupid
So abrade the land
That the choice is either Deicide
Or rolling the whole human enterprise
In to the soft dirt of a fresh grave?

The world’s taproot of love
Continues spreading
In spite, not because
Of the grasping dreads shooed like flies
As we rise with our cries
To the eyes of a pitiless sun. deicide

Joshua Kight | 6/16/2020

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