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We Demand the Truth! Expose the Lies Now.

Randi Turkin June 5, 2017

On June 3, 2017, over 100 cities in 5 countries hosted a March for Truth, a grassroots, volunteer-led series of nonviolent demonstrations. Of course Austin jumped in on this! The Centex Chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) and local chapters of Indivisible hosted the People’s Rally for Truth on Saturday, June 3, at Austin City Hall.

The rally featured local elected officials including Mayor Steve Adler, community leaders, and performers including The Resistance Choir of South Central Texas.

From the group’s Facebook Event page:

“The goals of the March For Truth demonstrations are to restore faith in American government and demand an impartial investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and ties to the Trump administration.

On the back of the bombshell news that Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey and the Justice Department appointed Robert Mueller as independent counsel, local organizers across the country are calling for urgency and transparency in the Russia investigation.

The goals of the 100+ demonstrations are simple:

• An independent commission must be established, and Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests;
• As much information should be made available to the public as soon as possible;
• Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity;
• If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.”

Judging from the turn out, it is not just the press who wants to see Trump’s tax returns. Citizens of this country are angry, worried and determined not to let our democracy be destroyed by a corrupt and deceitful administration.

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