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Dinged Up

CD Knowles 7 months ago

Dear Knowles,

The other evening, I was parked in front of a friend’s on a slight hill. It had been a long day and I was happy to get in my car and go home. There was another car parked behind me, an old black sedan of some sort. There was nothing much ahead. I put my car in gear, pressed my foot on the gas and started to move, but instead of going forward, my car shot backward right into the black sedan’s fender. Like an idiot I’d put my car in reverse. I looked around: no witnesses. I got out to assess the damage. Well, the sedan had so many dings and dents all over its body that it was impossible to tell. The fender looked like it had been scrunched before. I considered leaving a note but then thought, No, the sedan’s owner might try and get me for every single ding, why go there? So, I took a picture of the fender and license plate, got back in my car and drove off. My question is: did I do the wrong thing under the circumstances? And if I was wrong, what do I do now?

Dinged Up

dinged up

Dear Dinged,

Basically, you left the scene of an accident, a real no-no no matter how dinged up the other car was. However, it was night, there was no one around if I understand you right, no witnesses, and calling the police for a minor fender bender that happened in the dark would have been ridiculous. Leaving a note is always best, though that does open you up to all sorts of trouble if the other person is less than honorable. And that’s my point. This is all about honor and so it’s up to you to make it right by contacting the person via their license plate and agreeing on the amount of money needed to fix the dinged-up fender. The DMV can help you with the details, but through the license you can also learn the year and make of the car and probably determine a fair price. Hope that helps.


CD Knowles




Dear Mom’s A Hypocrite,

I had to live with a difficult mom, too. Sometimes I couldn’t stand it — she told so many lies and acted so stupid, especially around men. One night one of the men made a pass at me, and that’s when I decided to move out. I haven’t looked back since.

Anita M., Wichita Falls, TX


Dear Mom’s A Hypocrite,

I guess you can either stay a baby and live home or grow up and move out. The way I see it is if you live home with mom you can’t complain. You don’t like the stuff she does, well, too bad, suck it up! If you want an equal relationship with her where you can really tell her what you think, you’d best start your own household.

Vincent G., Charlotte, NC


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