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Disgusted Husband

CD Knowles 3 months ago

Dear Knowles,

I am no longer attracted to my wife because she’s fat. When I met her five years ago she was slender and beautiful. Then she had our two daughters and hasn’t done a thing to take the weight off. To the contrary she eats all kinds of fattening stuff all day and there’s no talking to her about it. I don’t want to have sex with her anymore.

Please tell me what to do.

Disgusted Husband

disgusted husband

Dear Disgusted Husband,

Why do you think your wife hasn’t done anything to take her excess weight off? Is she happy with the way she looks, or does she just want to get at you? These are questions you need answered. If there’s no talking to her about the way she eats, the two of you need to go into family counseling to reach some agreements. You have two young daughters. Your wife is acting out. And you are no longer attracted to your wife because she’s fat. You, sir, sound angry. The only way to resolve these problems is to seek help and guidance.

Good luck to you,

CD Knowles




Dear Friend,

You call that a friendship? Time is too short to deal with someone who doesn’t want to listen to you. Besides, bad habits such as hers are deeply ingrained. Good luck!

Jason S., Port Washington, NY


Dear Friend,

I’ve had friends like that. Usually it’s a love/hate relationship because they just can’t change themselves. It’s been my experience that no matter how many times I try take hold of the conversation, they immediately grab it back. Attempts to confront them lead to hurt silence and/or indignation. So usually I give up and don’t see them very often even though they can be smart and brilliant. In my opinion, people like this most often have a social disorder. Hope that helps.

Beth A., Croton Falls, NY


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