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Fed Up Wife

CD Knowles 6 months ago

Dear Knowles,

I don’t know if this is a complaint or a question. We live in a 4000-foot house in a good Houston neighborhood with a large front and backyard, swimming pool, etc. My husband is a surgeon, well-to-do, and we brought up our three children in the house which we’ve owned since the mid-90s. The problem is that my husband, who’s happy to buy me expensive clothes and jewelry and to take luxurious trips, drags his feet when it comes to home repair. Right now, our fence needs to be rebuilt, our pool needs replastering, we have a small leak in the guest bedroom ceiling, and I would like to replace our front windows. I’m afraid the list will grow longer, and the house will deteriorate because my husband just won’t deal with any of it. Our children no longer live with us and I’ve suggested downsizing — to no avail.

Can you help me?

Fed Up Wife

fed up

Dear Fed Up,

Well, it’s true — to some, like your husband, home repair just ain’t that sexy. So, I suggest a few life lessons. I assume your husband would call the plumber or electrician if there were serious problems? If so, remind him every so often of the things you’d like to see fixed and then LET GO. Enjoy your wonderful clothing, jewelry and travel. Meanwhile, when the fence falls down on the neighbor’s property that will be your husband’s problem. So will the pool that turns green (needing more and more expensive chemicals) and the leak that causes the ceiling to cave in. Get my drift?

Hope that helps.

CD Knowles



climate change

Dear Mother,

I think Knowles is looking at our dire situation through rose-colored glasses. The fact is we’re screwed. Our dependence on fossil fuel has led us into an untenable situation and switching to solar or wind will do nothing at this point to stop the seas from rising or the planet from heating up. I guess that’s not the sort of thing you want to tell your child. Good luck. I’m glad I don’t have kids.

Jeremy N., Queens, NY


Dear Mother,

As Knowles says, humans are masters of innovation, and I have utter faith we will get through this time of climate change in just the same way we have surmounted difficulties throughout the ages. That’s what scientists are for. We who have flown to the moon can surely tame rising oceans and searing heat. Tell your child that and explain that humans are strong and always win in the end. All the best,

Cherrie S., Austin, TX


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