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Five Austin Artists We Discovered During WEST

Greta Goldbart 5 years ago

We sent our new intern and brand new Austinite, Greta Goldbart, out on the WEST Austin Studio Tour on Sunday without any real direction on whose stops to visit. These are her top 5 picks! While the art tour is over, you can still check out these Austin artists by following the links to their websites.

By Greta Goldbart, guest writer

austin artists

Alica Philley – WEST #164

A master of masking tape, Alicia Philley recently migrated from painting on canvas to wood paneling. Her arrangements of color and line are vivid, encouraging the viewer to investigate the way the vertical interacts with the organic. The grain of the wood pops through the paint when the light hits it in a particular way, invoking the growth and natural line patterns of the medium and engaging it with her own expression.

austin artists

Herb Ingram – WEST #166

Herb Ingram has been working with wood since shop class in high school, and it’s easy to see—his careful, soft bowl forms are carved with care and are made of local Texas hardwood which he chops himself. Exalting smooth surfaces as well as the burls and natural effects of the wood, Ingram pays tribute to the trees that provide his medium by burning an image of the tree from which the wood from each piece came into the base of the form.

herb ingram

Base of an Ingram bowl

mae crocker

Mae Crocker – WEST #314

Mae Crocker investigates the “psycho-geography”—the effects of space and place on the mind—through paintings one might consider landscape, yet feature no foreground. Crocker’s wonderful sunset locations are populated with power lines and technology that seem to have escaped their human creators and take on a life and landscape of their own.

heidi pitre

Heidi Pitre – WEST #316

Heidi Pitre’s paintings range from portrait to still life, yet are anything but still. Expressive to the highest degree, her mastery of shading and color create such lifelike skin on her subjects that it is easy to disappear into the mise-en-scene of a painting. Even her painting of tin cans is imbued with a kind of life that completely animates the still image.

renee victor

Renee Victor – WEST #315

Renee Victor’s landscapes are both natural and alien, geometric and organic, and full of details she calls “mystery moments”—small extensions of lines and shapes—tackling ideas of borders, immigration, and the fundamental question “Where am I?” Angle and color combine to create the familiar, yet the strange; the home, yet the alien planet.

Cover photo: Heidi Pitre


  1. Herb Ingram May 24, 2019

    Hey, thanks for the shout out! Enjoyed meeting Greta.

  2. Randi Turkin May 31, 2019

    Nice work!


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