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Frantic Grandma

CD Knowles 1 year ago

Dear Knowles,

I am a grandmother, bringing up my daughter’s children. The oldest, the grandson, is a good boy — straight A student in his second year of college and I’m very proud of him. To pay for college, he has a scholarship and works as a waiter in one of the dorms. He has refused to take out loans and I help him where I can. Recently his younger sister told me that he’s not working as a waiter anymore but is selling drugs to pay for tuition. Please tell me what to do about this. I can’t go to the police and I’m very frightened for my grandson, who probably will not tell the truth when I approach him on this terrible topic. Thank you, dear Mr. Knowles. I know I can count on you.

Frantic Grandma

frantic grandma

Dear Frantic Grandma,

I appreciate your having so much faith in me. Unfortunately, your situation with your grandson is very complicated. Obviously, you can’t go to the police — that would ruin his life. The only option you really have is to talk to him, explain how dangerous it is to sell drugs in any form, and that his chances of getting caught are extensive. Apprehension would likely mean jail time and a shadow following him around the rest of his life. Far better to work as a waiter or for Instacart — a great idea for students. You should also try to enlist a trusted friend or relative, perhaps someone from the community or church to talk to your son. I wish the best for you and hope you find an answer.

CD Knowles




Dear Heartbroken,

I think you should stick with your wife. Take it from me, children can suck you dry. You’ll be better off alone with the person you love.

Jason A, Milwaukee, WI


Dear Heartbroken,

My children have brought me the greatest pleasure in life. When the first was born, I experienced a greater love than I’d ever felt before, and it was the same with each birth. These little beings are miracles for us to hold close. If it were me and my wife was adamant about not having kids, my feelings for her would probably sour and I’d eventually divorce her and find someone else. So, my advice is, listen to your heart; it will tell you what to do. Hope this helps.

Annamarie S., Little Rock, AK


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