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Game On for 2018!

Since election day it has bothered me that many Trump supporters are treating politics like a football game. Here on ArtProfiler, we post a lot of provocative and often maddening memes and videos poking fun of the ridiculous nature of the Trump administration. Humor is how we choose to deal with the chaos we were hurled into last year. Our goal is to start conversation with both like minded individuals as well as those who voted for Trump. Unfortunately, those from the “right” (who always think they’re right) often reply with comments such as:

Get over it. WE WON!


Go back to mommy’s basement, Snowflake.

Along with a lot of expressions I don’t care to post here.

Here’s the deal, Trumpsters. You didn’t win. You elected a con man into office, and the only ones who will benefit from this deplorable administration are his wealthy “friends.” Hope you never hit hard times and that you have great health insurance from your jobs. There are many of us who work for ourselves, buy our own insurance, pay taxes, contribute to our communities. Contrary to what Breitbart, FOX and certain politicians are telling you, we don’t all sit on our asses collecting a check from the government.

So keep on throwing out your insults and waving your flag, you patriot. While you are busy cheerleading for an idiotic president who cares NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH about you, the snowflakes are gathering. And we can play a mean game, too.