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As artists and writers we are always grateful to our audience. Your feedback over the past year has been invaluable and we thank you from our hearts, especially since some of our material has been controversial and difficult, even at times hard to look at.


In fact, we owe a grim debt of gratitude to Mr. Trump for starting us down the path of political portraiture in the first place.

What a trip! We’ve had our share of hecklers, bots and trolls, but one gets used to that and can even develop a certain affection for some of the more persistent ones.

Our most recent debt of gratitude goes to the very talented BJ Wooley who installed our latest show in the ArtProfiler Gallery.

art installer austin

BJ Wooley, Artist and Installer

art installation austin

We’ve had good installers before, but BJ went through the paintings as carefully as if they were his own and hung them with very specific themes in mind. Looking at the exhibit, one can easily understand the evolution of the work and how the memes developed from each picture.

trump wall

comey files

women in politics

men in politics

mass shootings


political memes

We’re grateful, too, that we had such good response from readers of A Secret Grave that we outgrew our original site and decided to expand to a larger platform that would allow other writers and artists to contribute. So now we’re a cultural site replete with advice columnists CD Knowles and MaryAnn Reynolds, as well videographers and actors Randi Turkin, Aralyn Hughes, John Demaree and Leigh Downing. Thank you all!

artprofiler austin

And thanks, too, to Lez Sanchez (AKA as Ramona) who’s joined our sales team and has been valiant in pushing me, the disgruntled artist, to get out to more openings and events after long days and lots of complaining in the studio.

a secret grave

But our biggest thanks, as I said starting out, goes to you — our readers and viewers.

So we want to give you some free stuff! For a limited time, you can read A Secret Grave Season 1 in its entirety on Wattpad. Click here to begin. The first book of the series is also available on Amazon Kindle if you’d prefer to download it there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, your editors, Nicole and Randi

artprofiler editors