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Hundredth Monkey Effect

Nicole Jeffords 4 months ago

Psychic delivery system? That sounds nuts, doesn’t it? And yet people experience it all the time. You think of someone seconds before the phone rings, and it’s them. Or someone is on your mind all day and then you find out they were in an accident or won an award. Nothing is ever quite as it seems. I learned about the hundredth monkey effect — that new behaviors can spread in a species without communication or propinquity once a critical mass has been reached of practicing those behaviors within an isolated population — and was fascinated. I should tell you that I went ahead and married photographer, Werner Forman, who moved permanently to Great Britain after the Soviets invaded Czechoslovakia in 1968. Werner had a lot of strange ideas about how the world operated and talked me into writing a book with him about psychic phenomena (the book fell through due to his volatile relationship with the publisher). But I learned a great deal in the process. And I began having my own weird experiences.


Werner Forman

When I was pregnant with my eldest child, for instance. My husband didn’t want children and hadn’t been in favor of the pregnancy. We’d had devastating fights over this (he wanted me to have an abortion and I refused). He left for three months in the middle of the pregnancy (big relief) and when he returned we had a stalemate of sorts until after the baby’s birth. I had enrolled myself in a Lamaze class. There were five of us in the class, three Americans, a Canadian, and an Irish woman. I was due on May 5th, but the others were due earlier, in mid-April. The others began having their babies, one after the next, pretty much on schedule. Then the Irish woman, who’d had an enormous belly, far larger than the rest of us, had a stillbirth on April 15, my birthday. (It turned out she’d been producing too much amniotic fluid, crushing the placenta.) Well, I went kind of crazy. I felt very superstitious about the whole thing and the fact that her tragedy had occurred on my birthday unhinged me. I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to wait, my baby was going to be born right away.

Feature photo: http://dreamcatcherreality.com/hundredth-monkey-effect/

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