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July Artist – “The Pandemic Diaries” by Wendi Kushner

Randi Turkin 2 years ago

The Pandemic Diaries by Wendi Kushner – July Artist

ArtProfiler’s Artist Monthly series highlights one artist per month for exceptional work in his or her chosen medium. This month we’ve branched out from our usual format in order to feature a specific body of work by artist Wendi Kushner who has been creating timely pieces that relate to her (and all of our) experiences as we witness rapid changes in our personal worlds and across the globe during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


Wendi is an artist and photographer based out of Austin, Texas and Vail, Colorado. Her primary medium is watercolor, but she decided to explore art journaling last fall. She finds that it’s a great way to stay creatively engaged while documenting day to day experiences. Wendi finds joy, humor, and beauty in everyday life. When the pandemic hit she found herself living on a closed ski mountain and realized that we were living through something important, and that future generations would want to know what our lives were like.


Wendi works in pen and ink, marker, and watercolor for the journal entries.


She recently published a book of her drawings called The Pandemic Diaries, with space for people to write down their own recollections of this crazy time.

baking bread

Here is a closer look at many of the entries. Wendi touches on everything from running out of things to talk about with the people with whom we’ve been quarantining; the fact that everyone is cooking up a storm; comparisons between The Great Depression and The Spanish Flu that Covid-19 brings to mind; the peaceful feeling that nature brings, if only for an excuse to leave the house; and many more topics we can all relate to!


For a view of all the works and to purchase a copy of The Pandemic Diaries, visit Wendi’s Instagram page.

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