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Kavanaugh Confirmation – Cover Up?

From the Editors 5 months ago

Cover up? 100,000 pages of Kavanaugh documents hidden (citing executive privilege) on Friday and another 42,000 released to Senate only 15 hours before Supreme Court confirmation begins.

This is the first time (here’s that word again — unprecedented) that a sitting president has used executive privilege in order to prevent documents from being reviewed for a Supreme Court confirmation process. Democrats and Republicans have been back and forth for several weeks over access to these documents relating to Judge Kavanaugh’s time working for President George W. Bush. Of major interest is Kavanaugh’s advice to the former president about detention and interrogation techniques against suspected al Quaeda operatives which took place after the September 11 attacks.

Kavanaugh also has strong opinions about investigating and indicting a sitting president. Huh. Now, that’s interesting. Wonder if that’s how he made it to the top of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee list.


Original portrait by Nicole Jeffords, Fake President, Oil on Canvas, 14×11, 2018

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