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Larry Akers Exhibit: Fluid Patterns, A Playground for the Eye (AUSTIN)

Nicole Jeffords 2 years ago

FLUID PATTERNS, an exhibit by Larry Akers

Dougherty Arts Center | February 2 — March 17, 2019

larry akers

Fluid Patterns, Larry Akers

It’s worth having a look at Larry Akers very interactive kinetic sculptures on display at the Dougherty until March 17. At first glance when you enter the gallery, the sculptures look like rather ordinary constructions, often of found objects, corrugated paper, steel, hardware you might have seen elsewhere.

larry akers

Larry Akers, The Wheel

But if you step close to the piece — and particularly if you attempt to photograph it — you will see magic: changing patterns, glowing light, color formations that seem to move and dance through space, ethereal figures that look smokey and phantasmagorical.

larry akers

Larry Akers, Other Side of the Fence, constructed of steel, corrugated paper, latex, oil, wood

Some of the effects are jewel-like:

larry akers

Larry Akers, Pick a Number, constructed of CD player carousel, glass, LED, steel, wood

larry akers

Pick a Number, Detail

And some have the effect of a good abstract painting:

larry akers

Larry Akers, Celestial Box Lamp, constructed of aluminum, steel, oil, LED, wood

There are thirty-eight pieces in the show and many will entrance you.

larry akers

Larry Akers’ Fluid Patterns gallery view

You might want to go to the artist reception from 7-9pm on February 13, or to the artist talk at 7pm on February 27, to hear about Larry’s journey, his fascination with moire and how he came to construct the intricate and magical work in this show.

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