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Love My Dog

CD Knowles 1 year ago

Dear Knowles,

My wife wants to get rid of my dog! She loves her own dog, a little Shih Tzu whom she bathes and fusses over all the time. But my dog, a lab mix, is too dirty and stinky to be in the house, she says. He leaves muddy pawprints on the carpet and she doesn’t want to have to clean his feet when he comes in from the rain. She doesn’t want to walk him or play with him or even fill his food bowl with kibble. I don’t know what to do about this. We have two young children who love my dog (who’s their dog also), who cuddle up with him in front of the TV and insist he sleep in their room all night. But for no reason I can think of my wife hates the dog. She’s had her dog since before the marriage, but mine, whom I acquired as a puppy two years ago, she seems to regard as an interloper. This has caused a lot of trouble between us as I’ve grown very attached to the dog, as have my kids. My wife is usually a sweet and understanding person; it’s just on this one issue that she’s a little nuts. She threatens every day to take the dog to the pound. I think perhaps it’s because the dog loves me more than her and he’s big, seventy pounds, and a mixed breed. Please give me a few words of advice.

Love My Dog

love my dog

Dear Love,

I have quite a few friends who say they love their dog more than their spouse or even sometimes more than their children. Well, of course dogs love you and don’t talk back. I get that. In your case, from the little bit of information you’ve given, it sounds far more like you have a marital problem than a canine one. Readers may want to scream at me for so often giving the same advice: therapy, therapy, therapy. But there it is. There’s no way to make sense of or deescalate the situation between you and your wife other than sitting down with a good counselor/therapist/mediator and figuring out strategies that will make you both happy.

I wish you good luck,

CD Knowles



suspicious wife

Dear Suspicious,

I think you’re a remarkable person to put up with your husband’s possible philandering. If I smelled some other woman’s perfume on my guy’s shirt, he’d be gone in an instant. Sounds like you want to hang onto your marriage no matter what and I hope that works for you, even if it brings heartache.

Susan S. Albany, NY


Dear Suspicious,

My advice? Confront the guy and if you don’t like what you hear, show him the door. There’s just something very wrong with you, the good faithful clueless wife, waiting around while your husband’s out cheating with another woman. If you have any pride, don’t put up with bad behavior.

Keith H., Charlotte, NC


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