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Me Too Me Too Me Too

Nicole Jeffords 6 months ago

The Me Too movement began as a result of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in October, 2017 — women chiming in with the phrase all over the internet, Me too, me too, me too. I myself chimed in after a little hesitation. I don’t like doing things en masse, but #MeToo seemed like a worthy cause, considering the rough moments with men I’d experienced in my life. The first occurred when I was a girl of sixteen at the beach with a friend and her father. The other girl was someone I’d met at summer camp, not a close friend, and we were spending the day together at Jones Beach.

me too

Jones Beach

The surf was a little rough and when we went in the water I noticed her dad, a quiet, unassuming Jewish man in his late forties, hung onto my hand while he quickly let go of his daughter’s. Was I imagining this? No, the guy swam close to me, so our limbs were touching, and when his daughter wasn’t looking, pulled me toward him for a kiss on the mouth. I was totally creeped out. I had the day ahead of me with these people and I wasn’t getting away from them till my father picked me up from the friend’s house after dinner that night. This was before cell phones and the situation was tricky. I couldn’t say anything to my friend — “Ew, your dad has a little pedophilia,” would have gone over like a lead balloon. It was a bright sunny day but I felt as if a dark cloud covered me, and I stayed as close to my friend as I could to avoid any kind of intimate situation with her father. Still, the man kept trying to get alone with me and managed a few more kisses and gropes before the day was out. When my father picked me up that night I said nothing. What had happened was embarrassing and unmentionable, so I never told anyone. But the memory remains — a man the same age as my father molesting me while he thought no one was looking, and that creepy day became part of my history.

me too

There were other creepy memories — a doctor touching me inappropriately after he’d mainlined valium into my system to insert an IUD, and then there was the date rape that I always felt was my fault because I shouldn’t have gone to the guy’s apartment. But it’s a different side of the Me Too movement I want to talk about, one that first showed its ugly face here in Austin in the ecstatic dance community.


Featured photo: https://tuftsmagazine.com/issues/magazine/metoo-aid-agencies