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Melania Trump’s White House Christmas

Randi Turkin December 23, 2017

Twas the night before Christmas

All through the White House

Not a creature was stirring

Except the president’s spouse.

Perched in her throne

Her own personal hell

Alone in her prison

Not mentally well.

Roaming the corridors

With no hope in sight

Death to her soul

No energy to fight.

Her husband the tyrant,

Everywhere she looks

The whole family full

Of liars and crooks.

This queen of the dark

Lonely and blue

Finds the one thread

That unites me and you.

Dance, dark queen dance!

It will be over soon

His reign in the White House

Too filled with doom.

The alarms are sounding

He’s going to jail

You’ll be free once again

His coffin, his nail.

Dear, sweet Melania

Keep your head high

Mueller will get him

And then you will fly.