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Mike E. Winfield, Standup Comedy for the Ages (Cap City Comedy Club)

Randi Turkin 9 months ago

Need a Good Belly Laugh? Go See Mike Winfield.

At the exact moment that Trump was announcing his missile strike on Syria’s chemical weapons locations, I was laughing my ass off to the jokes of the one and only “The Office” alum, Mike E. Winfield. My phone was buzzing with text messages alerting me to the event, but instead of immediately heading to the New York Times to find out what kind of mess Trump was getting us into, I refrained. Because I desperately needed an escape from the chaos that comes from the Trump White House, and because Winfield was far too entertaining for me to venture into the real world.

But the real world is exactly what Winfield talked about. The every day moments of family life, work, human interaction. In front of the faux wood backdrop of Cap City Comedy Club’s stage, this Emmy-nominated comedian had the room in stitches telling hysterical tales of married life, step fatherhood, the benefits of back child support, his respectful admiration of women’s breasts. With his high-top mushroom afro and contagious smile, Winfield’s energy is at once warm, open, child-like. He embraces the irony of the everyday and the knowledge that human connection is what drives us. His humor is smart, zippy, animated.

mike winfield

ArtProfiler’s creative director, Randi Turkin and artist Heather Jichi with Winfield

Winfield has also been featured in movies including the upcoming film PIMP in which he co-stars with rapper DMX, is a cast member of the critically acclaimed digital drama series, “Conversations in LA” which has earned him an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Daytime Drama Series, and he writes a blog which you can find, along with videos and his tour dates, on his website. If Winfield is in your city, it is worth it to venture out of the house for an hour of belly laughs. You know you need it.