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Advice: Knowles Knows

Mystery Mail | Knowles Knows, Covid-19 Edition (Episode 6)

CD Knowles May 11, 2020

Mystery Mail | Knowles Knows, Covid-19 Edition (Episode 6)

ArtProfiler editors, Randi and Nicole, are back again this week with an update on our search for missing advice columnist, C.D. Knowles, and this time there’s a twist, in the form of mystery mail.

If you’ve been following, then you know that we’ve discovered the existence of a CD Wang, wife of UT’s lead virologist, Dr. Li Wang, who stopped showing up to work at the same time that we lost contact with Knowles. We think this CD Wang might be C.D. Knowles, our missing advice columnist. So we’ve been doing a lot of research on CD Wang, and Google Search provides a lot of hits. We’ve found a science researcher who is associated with two different universities in China, an engineer at Microsoft, even an author of math books. We don’t know if one of these CD Wangs is the wife of Dr. Wang, but we’ll continue looking into it and will be back with an update soon.

Perhaps even more intriguing to us at this time, though, is the strange mystery mail we’ve both been receiving. From humorous to sinister, someone out there is playing games with us.

To catch up on this story, start at Episode 1 here.


  1. Rosgardn May 13, 2020

    Check out the translocal guide in the dark web. There’s a list of “notables” that have seemingly disappeared recently to go into hiding while receiving gender reassignment surgery. It’s highly possible that your Knowles person was discovered as a spy for the Gates “Foundation” and is having or has had a gender change surgery in an effort to hide from the populists.

  2. Randi Turkin May 16, 2020

    Thanks so much for your comment. We are fairly confident (based on tips that have come in) that CD Knowles is a female writer/therapist married to a virologist at the University of Texas. We still don’t know where she is or why she stopped sending columns, but we’re working on that.


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