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Mystery Selves

Mystery Selves Part Five: Sneak Peek

Randi Turkin March 27, 2018

Part Five publishes March 29, 2018

Previously in Mystery Selves, Julie brings Leo to the neighbors’ house where he stashes cocaine in the pantry after they make love. The next evening, the couple plans to meet up at a party, but Leo never shows. In the meantime, Diana and her mother, Mona, are on a road trip to visit Julie’s mother Gail, Mona’s closest childhood friend. The teenage girls have never met until now, but this week, they find themselves in an empty house in the middle of the woods, witnesses to a terrible crime that must be kept secret.

Excerpt from Part Five:

They were deep in the woods now, enveloped by a stillness and gloom that made Diana think once again of a cathedral. She shivered, sensing menace here, perhaps because of the way Julie hunched her thin little shoulders together, or because of a bird taking off suddenly with a monstrous flapping of wings. Diana wished she were in Austin where the air was bright and arid instead of in these damp, dark woods with this surly Asian girl who kicked at leaves and pebbles with her sandaled feet and exhaled smoke in hard, nervous puffs. “How much further?” she asked.

“Just around that bend.”

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